Algeria chairs 147th ordinary session of Arab League Ministerial Council

APS : Monday, 06 March 2017
ALGIERS- Algeria will chair the 147th session of the Arab League Foreign Ministers Council scheduled for Tuesday,
at the organization’s headquarters in Cairo (Egypt) with, on the agenda, the review of the joint Arab action particularly in terms of peace and security in the region.
The presidency being ensured by Algeria until September 2017, the minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel will lead the works of the Arab League Ministerial Council session.
During this mandate, Algeria included among its priorities the reform and development of the Arab League to ensure that it is adapted to regional and international changes and to strengthen its capacity to meet political, security, economic and social demands and achieve, consequently, the aspirations of the Arab peoples said the ministry of Foreign Affairs in a communiqué.
The meeting will also work to find a peaceful and consensual settlement to the conflicts in the Arab world through the impetus of the political and national reconciliation process in order to preserve the security and stability of these countries, their entity, sovereignty and the unity of their peoples, said the communiqué.
The agenda of the current session includes a total of 28 points mainly focused on joint Arab action in the political, security, economic and social sectors.
Among the issues to be discussed are the latest developments in Libya, Syria and Yemen, the Palestinian issue and the progress of Arab relations with international and regional organizations in additions to the ways to fight terrorism and organized cross-border crime.

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