Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina willing to boost economic cooperation

APS : Monday, 28 May 2018
ALGIERS- Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina Igor Crnadak underlined Sunday in Algiers the willingness of Algeria and his country to boost their economic cooperation and enhance it up to the level
of their political relations.
“We have noticed that we have developed very good political relations but we need to shore our trade and economic cooperation,” Crnadak told the press after his meeting with Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel.
In this regard, he announced the holding of the second Algerian-Bosnian business and investment forum in Sarajevo in the course of 2018, after that held in Algeria in 2008.
The Bosnian FM said to be convinced that the new meeting will further strengthen economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, especially in tourism and agriculture.
Crnadak added that he discussed with Messahel security issues that are very important for both countries and both regions.
“We have exchanged views on what is happening in our respective regions as well as on the development of regional cooperation,” he said.
For his part, Messahel said that the meeting with his Bosnian counterpart was “an opportunity to exchange views on the evolution of internal situations in both countries, especially the different achievements made by Algeria since 1999 until today, namely the Civil Concord, the national reconciliation and now living together in peace, which allowed Algeria to be a stable country.”
He added that they also discussed the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in the Balkans region, as well as the situation in Libya, the Sahel and Western Sahara.
“We have discussed the common challenges for our two countries, namely development, stability, deradicalization and the fight against terrorism, as well as coordination within the United Nations system, all initiatives for the democratization of the UN and all issues related to peace and security,” said Messahel.
He underlined that the Bosnian minister’s visit has laid the foundations for strong relations between the two countries commensurate with the ambitions of the two heads of State and the two peoples.

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