Alcomsat-1, tool to promote space technologies for peaceful purposes

APS : Monday, 08 January 2018
ALGIERS-President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday said that Alcomsat-1 satellite was “a tool to promote space technologies for peaceful purposes and will enable Algeria access to services that were the preserve of foreign companies.”
In a message on the occasion of the celebration by the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) of the successful launch of the Algerian space telecommunications satellite Alcomsat-1, read on his behalf by Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Habba El-Okbi, the Head of State stressed that new satellite “will enable various national public and private companies to access to costly services that were the preserve of foreign companies and were paid with foreign currency.”
“Our country will be autonomous in this sensitive field and will take advantage of services and applications likely to boost socioeconomic and cultural development,” said President Bouteflika.
For the Head of State, “economic development requires the mastery of modern technologies. Disparities between developed and under developed countries are due to differences in terms of rapidity in the use of technologies.”
In this regard, President Bouteflika hailed the role played by ASAL’s engineers “who proved through their achievements that the use of technology is within our reach. We are no more constrained to purchase others’ products.”
“Researchers and experts at our universities, laboratories and workshops must implement their projects and cooperate with productive companies to fill the gap between innovations and the fields in which they can be used, including production, marketing and consumption. They must also work to help our economy export non-hydrocarbon products,” stressed President Bouteflika.
The Head of State reiterated “State’s commitment to mastering modern technologies and putting them at the heart of the country’s economic development,” and urged the Algerian youth “to follow the example of ASAL’s engineers and honour our country in various fields.”
As regards the launch of Alcomsat-1 satellite, the Head of State affirmed that “this tool has become more than essential to meet the needs of our country in terms of space telecommunications, TV and audio broadcasting, broadband internet, online education, telemedicine and other applications. Moreover, this achievement reflects the genuine and successful implementation of the comprehensive strategic partnership signed on 25 May 2014 with the friendly People’s Republic of China.”
Besides, the Head of State stressed that the Algeria-China partnership “has been fruitful in the training of high level Algerian doctors as well as graduates and engineers specialized in the design, manufacturing and exploitation of satellites and other space telecommunication fields.”
“We hail such a qualified human resource, the most important achievement of this partnership because it ensures the sustainable and optimal implementation of the national space programme,” President Bouteflika affirmed.
In this connection, the Head of State urged competent authorities “to work for the optimal profitability of the acquired knowledge to perfectly master the operation and monitoring of Alcomsat-1 satellite’s subsystems,” calling to “strengthen and share this knowledge to ASAL’s new recruits and State’s senior officials involved in space telecommunications and specialized university departments.”
The Head of State also congratulated ASAL and its administrative and scientific staff for this historic achievement. “I underlined the importance of backing ASAL so that it improves the skills of its scientific experts and develops new projects. I also reaffirm State’s commitment to providing the necessary means to implement these projects and constantly improving the socioeconomic conditions.”

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