AIMC addresses thanking, recognition message to President Bouteflika

APS : Thursday, 08 March 2018
ALGIERS- Arab Interior Ministers Council (AIMC) addressed, following its 35th session held Wednesday in Algiers, a thanking and recognition message to President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika
in which it hailed his commitment to the strengthening of Arab cooperation as well as support to the Arab just causes.
“ The holding by Algeria of this session which was placed under the patronage of President of the Republic in these special circumstances facing the Arab Nation shows once again the commitment of President Bouteflika to the strengthening of the Arab cooperation, while assuring all the conditions favorable for combining all the efforts to face the challenges and dangers through his praiseworthy initiatives aimed at supporting the Arab just causes,” wrote AIMC in its letter read by its Secretary General Mohamed Ben Ali Koumane.
The Council also praised “the perceptiveness and wise policy of the Head of State which allowed, in short time, Algeria to overcome the cycle of terrorism and violence, adopt the national reconciliation and to speed up the pace of development and progress.”
AIMC also welcomed “the peace and stability that Algeria is enjoying, the strong support of the Algerian people to their leaders and national institutions, strengthening AIMC’s trust in a promising future for the Arab Nation, despite the current situation marked by the proliferation of crime, terrorism and different threats, as well as in the capacity to overcome these ordeals and to achieve the legitimate aspirations of the Arab peoples.”

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