Agrifoodstuffs show downward trend in first four months

APS : Wednesday, 27 July 2016
ALGIERS- Most agricultural and agrifood products import prices dropped over the first four months of 2016, compared with the same period in 2015,
a source from the ministry of Trade told APS.
Cereal import prices recorded a drop reaching 28.2% to USD343 per tonne with regard to hard wheat, compared with the same period in 2015, while soft wheat prices fell to USD200/t (-22.5%) and maize to USD179/t (-14%).
The purchase price of milk powder stood at USD2,468/t against USD2,996/t (17.6%) over the same period in 2015.
Import price decline was also recorded in other products such as brown sugar, which fell to USD339/t (-15%), and crude oil for food industry, which dropped to USD616/t (-27%).
The import prices of grocery products also saw a downward trend, except tea (+1.6%).
Import prices of tomato fell to USD1,223/t (-25.6%) and the triple tomato concentrate to USD842/t (-29.6%).
The purchase price of roasted coffee recorded in the first four months a slight drop to USD17,158/t (-4.5%), while unroasted coffee fell to USD2,071/t (12.6%).
White sugar was imported at USD501/t (-5.8%), rice at USD515/t (-13.4%), alimentary paste at USD1,554/t (-13.3%) and infant milk at USD6,797/t (-2.1%).
In pulses, dried peas price fell to USD552/t (-29%) and dried bean price to USD919/t (-34.7%).
With regard to fruits, apples were imported at USD803/t (+16.76%) and bananas at USD751/t (+2%).
Concerning import prices of meat and fishes, chilled beef dropped to USD3,453/t (-2.9%), frozen beef to USD3.040/t (-11.4%) and frozen fish to USD1,350/t (-16.3%).

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