Agriculture: US firms seeking to invest in Algeria

ORAN – The US companies activating in agriculture are having “growing” interest in the Algerian market, for its huge potentials and resources, said the Representative of
US Department of Agriculture at US Embassy in Algeria.
“Many American firms activating in agriculture are interested in the Algerian market, which possesses huge potentials. I am in contact with a number of companies seeking to invest in the agricultural field in Algeria,” Justina Torry told reporters on the sidelines of the 7th International Show of Food Processing (SIAG 2019).
In this context, she pointed out that some US investors, with whom she is in permanent contact, “mentioned some apprehensions, which we try to dispel, mainly in relation to the 51-49 investment rule to which US companies are not used to and some changes in import-export measures.”
“Through our work here in Algeria, we want to build strong partnerships, a good investment for both sides and also to promote trade,” she said.
In addition to the promotion of trade and agricultural products, the scientific exchange represents a very important sector of (cooperation) to develop. Two training programmes, namely the “Cochran and Borlug” programmes are being implemented for university professors, researchers and workers’ executives in the agricultural sector.
Each year, five to 10 Algerians benefit from 2 to 3-week scholarships to the United States of America, under the Cochran programme for training by US universities, she said, adding that the programme aims to help “eligible countries develop the agricultural systems necessary to meet the food needs of their populations and strengthen trade links with the US”.
More than a hundred participants from 12 countries are taking part in the SIAG 2019, inaugurated on Wednesday in the presence of Governor of Oran, Mouloud Cherifi.

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