Afripol will have “new dimension that complies with African context”

APS : Monday, 14 December 2015
ALGIERS-The discussions initiated as part of the meeting for the assessment of Afripol status projects allowed the participants to enrich the safety notion through “a new dimension that complies with the African context,” underlined Monday, in Algiers, the Director General of the National Police (DGSN), General Major Abdelghani Hamel.
The discussion, initiated as part of this meeting for the assessment of Afripol draft status, its programme and posts of the proposed departments, allowed us to assert the varieties of interdependencies, enrich the notions of safety through a new dimension which complies with the African context,” underlined Hamel in his speech at the closure of the meeting of directors and general inspectors of African police.
Hamel explained that the communications and the debates presented in this meeting highlighted that the “handling of police issues at the level of the African continent must transcend the restrictive framework in which a particular element will play a more exclusive role than another.”
For him, transnational challenges and threats are a fundamental data in the management of statuses “making vain all ideas of separate security,” adding that the Afripol’s areas of intervention “could see a considerable extension, by integrating other fields.”
A variety perceived alongside the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that the African continent faces, he added.

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