African Summit : Algeria pleads for broader consultation on counterterrorism

APS : Sunday, 06 December 2020

ALGIERS – Algeria has pleaded on Sunday during the 14th extraordinary session of the Conference of the African Union’s Heads of State and Government on “silencing guns in Africa,” for the consolidation

of consultation in order to eliminate violent extremism, fight against terrorism and dry up the sources of its funding.
In an address, Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said that “Algeria is concerned over the continuation of transfers, to the terrorist groups, of huge funds as ransoms for the release of hostages. This approach has undermined our efforts to fight terrorism.”

The Premier highlighted the importance of working towards the “implementation of the UN decisions relating to the embargo on weapons in conflict zones, rebuilding national capacities to secure stockpiles of arms and ammunition and fighting against the illicit traffic in small arms and light weapons.”

He also called for addressing the causes of “security threats and conflicts, mainly marginalization, poverty, deprivation, and the absence of any real perspective of development.”
In this regard, Djerad affirmed Algeria’s support for “efforts aimed at restoring security and stability in the Sahel by strengthening the national capacities of the concerned countries, within the framework of bilateral cooperation or multilateral mechanisms, such as the Committee of Joint Operational Staffs (CEMOC) or the Fusion and Liaison Unit (UFL).”

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