African police chiefs hail President Bouteflika’s “pioneering” role, support to African causes

APS : Tuesday, 16 October 2018
ALGIERS-African police chiefs on Tuesday hailed “the pioneering” role played by President Bouteflika, his support to African causes and his efforts to enhance multifaceted cooperation, including security.
Ahead of the 2nd General Assembly (GA) of the African Police Cooperation Mechanism (Afripol), African police chiefs sent a message of thanks and recognition to President Bouteflika, read on their behalf by Director General of Sudanese Police, Tayeb Babiker Ali, in which “they hailed the pioneering role of the Head of State, his support for African causes and his contribution to the values of solidarity and cooperation between African States in various fields, including security and the promotion of various initiatives and approaches aimed at its promotion and development.”
In the same vein, they highlighted “with pride and recognition Algeria’s great achievements in various sectors, made under the enlightened and wise leadership of President Bouteflika in an atmosphere of peace and stability.”
The participants also welcomed “the efforts of the President of the Republic and his commendable actions aimed at establishing peace and stability in the continent by working to resolve certain conflicts through dialogue, peaceful means and negotiations while respecting the sovereignty of States and promoting non-interference in the internal affairs of countries. They also recalled “the President’s role in the establishment of international peace and security and his efforts in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, in addition to his farsighted policy aimed at promoting human rights and establishing the rule of law and the values of reconciliation and concord.”
Algeria’s hosts also expressed “their profound thanks to the President of the Republic and the Director General of National Police (DGSN), Chairperson of the General Assembly (GA) of AFRIPOL, Mustapha Lahbiri for their efforts to make this 2nd GA successful.”

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