African Civil Society Parliament supports Algeria's efforts to meet continental challenges

APS : Monday, 19 November 2018
ALGIERS-President of the African Civil Society Parliament, Jean Claude D. Kesse said Monday in Algiers that the parliament supports Algeria’s efforts to address migration-related challenges
and those shaking the African continent.
In a speech at the opening of the 2nd International Conference of African Member Organizations of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) themed “Africa’s involvement in addressing the migration crisis”, organized by the African Parliament in collaboration with the National Association for Youth Exchanges (ANEJ) and “Initiative Agenda 2063” collective at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Kesse commended Algeria’s efforts to resolve all the problems of the African continent, including migration, and proposed appropriate solutions as well as its commitment to African peoples.
He also highlighted Algeria’s contribution to migration-related decisions at the United Nations and in international fora, as well as its principle of peaceful settlement of crises. Moreover, Kesse highlighted the Algerian government’s strong commitment to ensuring the protection and respect of human rights and the reception of migrants.
“Algeria today is no longer just a land of transit. Its economic dynamism, rapid social development, political stability and culture of peace have made it a country of destination and sedentarization,” said Kesse.
Referring to the important challenges that Africans must meet through strong mobilization, he expressed the hope that periodic meetings, bringing together stakeholders and parties interested in these issues, will lead to solutions that could contribute to the continent’s development.
In recent years, African societies have become aware of the importance of working seriously, alongside Algeria and AU countries, to find solutions, by taking effective action to achieve development and provide assistance to countries in financial difficulty, said the African MP.
Addressing partners, friends and donors, the President of the African Civil Society Parliament called for the mobilization of €50 million for the African civil society to support the continent’s development during the period (2019-2025).

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