9th meeting of ACSRT focal points opens in Algiers

APS : Wednesday, 16 December 2015
ALGIERS – The 9th meeting of the Focal Points of the African center for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT) opened Wednesday in Algiers.
Its agenda includes the analysis of the current state of terrorism in the continent to improve coordination in combating this scourge.
The three-day meeting is jointly organized by the ACSRT and the Committee of African Intelligence and Security Services (CISSA).
The meeting will be attended by the representatives of the national and regional counter-terrorism focal points of both organizations.
Besides, experts from the ACSRT, the CISSA, the Regional Economic Communities / Regional Mechanisms and other experts in the struggle against terrorism will make presentations on various topics related to terrorism.
Recommendations will be adopted at the end of the proceedings of the meeting.
The focal points of ACSRT provide a mechanism dedicated to the coordination of individual and collective efforts (among African countries) to face the terrorist threat by issuing recommendations.

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