Algeria committed to protecting intangible cultural heritage

September 4th, 2019


APS : Monday, 02 September 2019

ALGIERS- The minister of Communication, the interim minister of Culture and spokesman of the government, Hassan Rabehi, on Monday stressed “Algeria’s commitment to abiding by the Convention for the Safeguarding
of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.”
“Algeria, the first country to ratify the convention, attaches paramount importance to its cultural heritage, through positive interaction with international conventions, especially as it is committed to respecting all provisions of the convention on political, artistic and financial levels,” Rabehi said.
The minister received the convention’s secretary, Tim Curtis, at the headquarters of the ministry of Culture, on the sidelines of his participation in the seventh annual meeting of regional centers operating in the field of intangible cultural heritage.
“Algeria is a great nation, with an interesting, rich cultural heritage that enjoys recognition of countries and organizations working for heritage preservation,” he said.
“Algeria is poised to gain recognition for other elements of its intangible heritage.”