Constitution revision heralds “new era and strong republican reform” for Algeria

February 5th, 2016


APS : Thursday, 04 February 2016

ALGIERS- Prime Minister Abdelmalek declared Thursday here that the Constitutional Revision heralds “a new era and strong Republican reform.”
It crowns the political reforms initiated President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
“Algeria which reached a turning point will begin a new era with strong republican reform,” said Prime Minister while resenting the draft revised Constitution before the Joint Committee of Parliament two Houses.
The “constitutional revision is the culmination of the political reforms wanted by President Bouteflika and that he has committed, before the people to implement,” he said.
He added: “the revision of the Constitution is meant to extend the rights and freedoms of citizens, enshrine pluralist democracy, strengthen the foundations of the Rule of Law and consolidate the independence of justice in our country.”
In this regard, “the preamble of the Constitution was enriched to be an integral part of the basic text and a reference with the same value as the constitutional provisions,” the Premier stressed.
Concerning the other amendments to the preamble, they are intended, said Sellal, to “consolidate the principles and values, notably the main components of national identity that are Islam, Arabism and Tamazight,” so to strengthen the links between the Algerians to their history and their culture.
The Prime Minister mentioned the main amendments included in the draft revised Constitution, relating to the enhancement of the National army and National Liberation Army’s role in the regaining of the national sovereignty as well as the virtues of the national reconciliation for peace restoration throughout the national territory.
The constitutional revision dedicates “the commitment of the Algerian people to sovereignty and independence, and to the democratic and republican nature of the Algerian State and the principle of separation of powers,” recalled Sellal underlining that the presented text aims at “materializing the principle of democratic alternation of power through free and fair elections to boost political life and promote the emergence of a culture of citizenship in our country.”
The prime Minister underscored that “the people’s choice to end social inequality and regional disparities in terms of development, the promotion of social justice and the fight against corruption to build a strong and diversified national economy by involving youth in the national construction process,” is asserted by the revised constitution.
Sellal mentioned the promotion of Tamazight as an official language and the creation of an academy of experts in charge of promoting this language.