2012 Publications on Energy and Mining

The Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mining has published its 2012 Status Report on the Energy and Mining Sector and the National Energy Balance for the same year.
According to these publications, commercial primary energy production recorded a slight decrease of 1.5 percent, to 155.6 Million tonnes.
An overall decrease characterized downstream activity (refining, LNG and LPG separation), except for the petrochemical production which rose by 15 percent.
Oil & gas imports grew significantly by 106 percent in terms of volume (to 4.6 Million tonnes) and by 120 percent in terms of value (to 4.3 Billion USD), while oil & gas exports recorded a 3.3 percent volume decrease from 113.8 Million tonnes in 2011 to 110.1 Million tonnes in 2012, and a 1.3 percent value decrease from 71.5 Billion USD in 2011 to 70.6 Billion USD in 2012.
In terms of geographic distribution, more than two thirds (2/3) of oil & gas exports go to the European market.
The country’s oil product consumption recorded a 7.3-percent growth (to 16.1 Million tonnes).
For more detailed information, a PDF version of these publications is available on the official website of the Ministry of Energy and Mining: www.mem-algeria.org and can be viewed at the following links:
–         http://www.mem-algeria.org/fr/statistiques/bilan_realisations_e&m_2012_edition_2013.pdf
–         http://www.mem-algeria.org/fr/statistiques/Bilan_energetique_national_2012_edition_2013.pdf

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