15 countries to partake in 52nd International Fair of Algiers

APS : Thursday, 13 June 2019
ALGIERS- More than 500 national and foreign economic operators from 15 countries will take part as from next Tuesday in the 52nd International Fair of Algiers (FIA), said Thursday
CEO of the Algerian Fair and Export Corporation (Safex) Tayeb Zitouni.
Under the theme “Algeria: economic diversification and partnership opportunities in prospect”, this year’s FIA will be held from June 18 to 23 at the Exhibition Centre in Algiers with 15 participating countries as guests of honor, Zitouni told APS.
“A new approach of the FIA guest of honor status will be finalized next year and for this 52nd fair all the participating countries will be guests of honor,” he said.
The 501 participating national and foreign operators include 361 national and 140 foreign operators, he detailed, adding that the participating countries are Germany, Turkey, France, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan , the United States of America, Cuba, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa, Ethiopia and Mali.
A number of firms from Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, Pakistan, France, Tunisia and Egypt are partaking in the fair as individuals.
Regarding the total area of national and foreign pavilions reserved for this FIA, it covers nearly 22,046 m2 of which 19,880 m2 will be dedicated to national exhibitors while the remaining 2,090 m2 is to foreign exhibitors, added Zitouni.

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