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Trans-Sahara Gas Pipeline (TSGP)

Algeria, Nigeria and Niger sign an intergovernmental agreement for the construction of the TSGP

Algeria, Nigeria and Niger have signed in Abuja an intergovernmental agreement on the construction of the Trans-Sahara Gas Pipeline (TSGP) which will connect Nigeria to Europe, via Algeria and Niger, […]


President Bouteflika Awards Rank To The First Female General Of The ANP

Fatima-Zahra Ardjoun, first female general of the ANP “It is only through seriousness and self-sacrifice in the accomplishment of one’s duty that one can succeed.” On more than one level, […]


Sonelgaz exports electricity to Europe

IN THE THIRD QUARTER OF 2OO9 Sonelgaz will start to export electricity to Europe The Sonelgaz Group has started its electricity exports to Europe as of the third quarter of […]