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Celebration of National Day of Moudjahid and the 60th anniversary of the Congress of Soummam

  As a part of the celebration of the National Day of Moudjahid – 20 August 1955 and the 60th anniversary of the Congress of Soummam – August 20, 1956, […]

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Commemoration of Mujahids Day 20 August 1955

The Ambassador of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria in Sofia Mrs. Latifa BENAZZA The President of the Bulgaria – Algeria Friendship Association Mr. Ivan STEFANOV and the President of […]


Letter of Congratulations from H.E. Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of the Republic submitted to Captain Vassil Valtchanov

At the eve of Algeria’s Independence Day, 5 July, H.E. Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of the Republic, sent a Letter of Congratulations to Captain Vassil Valtchanov on the occasion of […]


Participation of the Algerian Embassy to “Oreshak 2016”

  At the invitation of Mrs. Donka Mihaylova, Mayor of Troyan (160 km from Sofia), the Embassy took part in the annual edition of the National Exhibition of Crafts and […]

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Algerian Еvening at Cinema House

The movie Maillot Operation by the Algerian director Okacha Touita, was officially presented on Thursday, 21.01.2016 at Cinema House, Sofia. The Ambassador of Algeria to Bulgaria, H.E. Mrs Latifa Benazza […]

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Algerian Movie Maillot Operation at Sofia Menar Film Festival 2016

The Algerian embassy in Sofia has the pleasure to promote the screening of the Algerian movie “Maillot Operation” within the framework of the Middle East &

Poster Charity Bazaar 2015

Bazar de charité, Sofia 2015

  Chaque année, le Bazar de charité, organisé à Sofia par le Club international de femmes, offre aux différents pays l’opportunité de présenter au public les produits de leur artisanat, […]


Captain Vassil Valtchanov receives a second medal from the President Abdelazis Bouteflika

  On 3th August, the Ambassador of Algeria to Bulgaria H.E. Mrs. Latifa Benazza presented centennial Captain Vasil Valchanov with а commemorative medal and diploma which have been awarded to […]


Captain Vassil Valtchanov’s Centenary Celebration Ceremony Central Military Club in Sofia June 17, 2015

    In collaboration with the Embassy of Algeria to Bulgaria, a ceremony took place at the Central Military


President Bouteflika address a congratulatory message to the ship’s “Breza” captain, delivered weapons to NLA

Sofia-President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika sent


The Bulgarian translation of Samira NEGROUCHE’s “Monologues du jasmine “launched in Sofia

  The launching ceremony of the Bulgarian translation of Samira NEGROUCHE’s poetry book “Monologues du

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International Day of Africa – Sofia, 2015

  The International Day of Africa celebrates anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of the Organization of African Unity on 25th May 1963, became the African Union since 2002. […]


The launch of the book “Sublimated Algeria”, was held on the National Algerian Day of the Student (19th May)

  Dr. Vera Kitova presented her poetry book “Sublimated Algeria” on May 19th.The event was organized under the


Lunch with the members of the Association for friendship between Bulgaria and Algeria

                      On 8th May 2015, H.E. Mrs. Latifa  BENAZZA gave official lunch for the leaders of the Association for