Algeria-Gabon: Several economic partnership agreements signed in Libreville

December 3rd, 2018


APS : Sunday, 02 December 2018

LIBREVILLE (Gabon)- Several agreements and memorandums of understanding were signed in Libreville to give a new impetus to the economic partnership and trading between Algeria and Gabon.
Signed on Saturday on the sidelines of the Algerian Product Fair, held from 27 November to 2 December in the Gabonese capital, these agreements concern the sectors of food processing, electronics, photovoltaic, packaging and paper.
The Algerian signatory companies are Condor group, food-processing groups Labidi and Agro consulting international, Tonic industry, the laboratory Venus and Géant Electronics group.
Condor concluded an agreement with two Gabonese companies which are Permalen, specialized in the distribution and sale of solar solutions, and the company MSD computing which works on the distribution and sale of electronic and multimedia products.
For its part, Tonic Industry, which is a public company of paper industry, packaging and graphic arts, signed a draft agreement with the Gabonese company “Green Net Service” for the implementation of a distribution network of its products in Gabon.
Following the signing ceremony of these agreements, the Algerian signatory operators told APS that these agreements aim to “give a new momentum to the economic cooperation between Algeria and Gabon.”
Concerning the other operators participating in this fair devoted exclusively to the Algerian products, they welcomed this event which enabled them to establish contacts in order to open up to the African market through Gabon, borders of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroun.