Algeria-France: Need to further develop non-hydrocarbon investments

November 8th, 2018


APS : Wednesday, 07 November 2018

ALGIERS-The Algeria-France Chamber of Trade and Industry (CCIAF), chaired by recently-appointed Michel Bisac, seeks to further develop France’s non-hydrocarbon investments in Algeria and business relations.
“We want to convince French investors that Algeria is a promising country,” Bisac told reporters Tuesday in Algiers.
In response to a question on business climate in Algeria, Bisac said that French business leaders who visited Algeria were surprised by the “serenity” that characterizes the country’s economic environment.
“Despite changes in laws and regulations, French businesspersons have always expressed willingness to invest in Algeria. We are ready to adapt to the new regulations,” he continued.
For Bisac, it is time to invest Algeria, “a market with 40 millions of consumers.”
The CCIAF seeks to emphasize investment opportunities in Algeria and back French business leaders so that they succeed in their projects.